Navigating Higher-ED Marketing in 2020

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Measure Results

Of course, results report on the success of a campaign, but for us, they are tools to continually improve on success. Our team does an in-depth traffic and response analysis, and they adjust for best ROI every day. We’ve found that’s the difference between good and great results.

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Practical, Innovative, strategic 

It’s easier than ever today to let the digital media do the optimizing…and return what seem to be adequate results. We’ve seen the difference though, and it means real conversions. Not clicks or impressions, but credit hours. SGW brings your overall marketing strategy into the digital campaign, we use top tier listening and analytics tools, and we invest your budget for the greatest return. That’s what drives our digital.

We use Online Ads effectively

We are focused on data-driven results

The numbers give us our rationale. Knowing what to look for shows us exactly why campaigns perform the way they did, and what the next steps should be. 

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Here’s how we do it. 

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Our Landing Page Designs Bring Connections

Our landing pages are created for results. In order to initiate new personal connections, build a qualified list, and optimize for conversions, we created a page outside of the website in this case. So far, it’s been the start of many a user journey. 

Initiating new journeys with prospective students is where higher enrollment begins. Our advertising and content is based on data that shows what is cutting through and connecting most effectively with audiences. We’ve found that emotional connections build really strong and lasting bonds and result in more new relationships being formed. 

We believe that results are there not simply to report on the success of a campaign, but to make campaigns more successful. Our team does a multi-phase analysis every day and adjusts for best return. That’s the difference between good and great results.